Story time:

Imagine a group of people. Private citizens, contractors, veterans, active members, military officials, intelligence and counter terrorism specialists...

All working for one truth;

That in all defiance-we were there to protect her, and our constitution.

This is where the rubber meets the tire. Wondering? Well @VICE it's your lucky day. When I was in 3rd grade I walked with Ceasar Chavez as a little boy at Grijalva Elementary in Tucson.

He's not the only one fighting these days.

Bro. Seriously. They were warned by China? @SkyNewsAust

Maybe something to do with 'back channels'?

Like Jay Z said, "... I know a lil bit about you illegally searching my shit!"

I can't wait for the moment when people can sue their employers for harmful conduct & conditions. Also, the liability that their mandates created.

@JoeBiden is not suitable for the presidency.

Turn it to 11... Punk Rock!

Information flows in many directions, just not in the wrong one." That's just my take. @Timcast might have a different one.

Here's his take on how the Great Awakening is happening.

I'll tell information now flows in the Quantum!

Looks like the world is stirring. Guinea isn't alone. I can understand their desire to make a better world for their citizens.

Hell, that's the American Dream.

"Tell me lies... tell me sweet little lies." Great song. That's for the Biden Administration, I know. We smell our own.

What I see?

Citizen Warriors like @RepMullin fighting for us.

News is probably spreading about Great American Patriots such as: CoryMillsFL.

@FoxNews has a story on his successful mission to bring our people home.

I'll tell you @FoxNews. We turn to each other as one, unified, people. We have fellow countrymen that need our help.

@POTUS is tits up!

Fuck it. We do it ourselves.

There's no ugly girls. Just ones with a good attitude. Did I ever tell you about the story of the time I slept with the girl that had leg braces?

I thought I gave her tourettes:

Her head swung back and she started screaming... "Oh god!"

Furthermore, I believe there are laws regarding aiding a criminal government.

If China helps Afghanistan during their transition, and Afghanistan fails to comply with the Rules of War.

Then China may also be complicit in aiding in their crimes against (American) civilians.

We don't have to agree on everything... but the items on which we do agree upon?

Those are of true value @KremlinRussia_E.

Let us not mince words. It is an unfortunate fact that America was defeated. The Taliban are in a good negotiating position.

However, as we say in America, "Its theirs to fuck it up."

The World is Watching!

Now... I know I've been hella political, and here's more:

I don't get involved in family affairs but I respect this royals perspective.

Fair & balanced. We could use more of that @THR. 🌵

I thought a strip bar had some good looking puss..... what I want to say is wow. That man looks more excited than a 16 year old with his first prostitute.

Those are good memories. Te amo @FoxNews y México!

My grandfather was in the Army during WW2. He was an island hopper, a bushmaster. Cool thing, they rode on ships.

Like @USNavy SWCC Operators!

Mandatory vaccinations for work are a discrimination problem. It discriminates against the inferm:

"Those individuals that are ill, disabled, and incapable of receiving the injection."

They are a protected class.

They deserve better than this!

ScottyMar10 has put out a new episode. Yep. Taliban, China, and Russia?! Yes. Give that some thought.

Looks like @FoxNews has brought out all 'Da Ladies!' That man must be wafting in scents of Frederick Fekkai & lavender.

So much pu.... so little time.

The Lewis & Clark Expedition of ....

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