Ha! @Timcast people in infosec & SecOps are laughing-well the ones that are traditional sysadmin & infrastructure. 'Welcome to the 22nd Century Cold War.' You'll need a special set of skills and asset to navigate this news, and we're a rare breed.


When does it look bad? When a former KGB and Soviet Union citizen points at the US & says, "...yall f*cking up." That's Putin telling us we're wrong. And he's not wrong @RT_com.


One last round... house kick to the face! It's @JCVD. Yes that JCVD. Enjoy the trailer.


How do we make the Fediverse as popular as Twitter? There has to be a new methodology for us to connect each node.

Information Security is the key to America's future in the new 'webonomy.' Yeah, just invented that word. The digital web economy.


I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life. I own up to those, but this last mistake was not mine to own. Concussion, medication, and betrayal suck. The truth is, I'm just glad I still have Jehovah God & Jesus Christ in my life.

Photo by Brother Ayden of St. Phillips.

Amazing how @Facebook hides behind Section 230 and continues their censorship of President Trump.


Look see here... @VICE news doing a documentary homage. Yes I know! Slalom & Freestyle Skateboarding. I personally enjoy a little street board slalom. Great place all the way up Campbell in Tucson. If you find it, some will come!


Been telling you there is a looming crash. Looks like @Timcast is reporting Russia's dropping the dollar. Wonder what will happen with that?


Time to move forward. For some reason the Samsung Keyboard God's keep telling me to grow. Well... I think it's worth doing. Let's dance!


I like @TuckerCarlson but he's a jack*ss. I guess that *Tin Cap* does work. He has joined the "conspiracy train" that's filled with truth. Cause who knew Wuhan was responsible for Covid. Oh... yeah, something called the Anons & Q. Go figure.


I said the Big Boys are here and yes they are... @FoxNews is sharing the story of one such man. A true leader. A real hero.


Damn, @berrics come out swinging. Poor Kobe, still true, and the same for Jordan, tho he did play baseball like Bo Jackson. Also, there is a Pro-NFL player that rides. @KyrieIrving is in fact the first Pro-NBA player I've seen skateboarding!


As the month of May comes to a close, let us all remember that it's law enforcement month. So if you are in Tucson & see those @PimaSheriff billboards, those black bands are for fallen officers. It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to make a future.

Silly boys... Guns are for girls! Lol. Actually it's true, and this movie proves it, Gunpowder Milkshake. I'm giddy like a school girl!


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