You know, I like politics, it's spicier than a telenovela. @larry_kudlow isn't wrong on Fox News, 5 levels down for one of our best allies, Israel? That's insulting, to the American People, The Israeli's and the Palestinians. Depressing.

Oh baby. I've been talking about this: Shortage Economy. Yep, we're in one and @Timcast reports on it. The 'Just In Time' model has failed. But don't worry. Your pronouns are safe. All it cost was peace in the middle east & a border crisis!

Looks like a housing boom in Arizona. Did you know @LiftMaster is made locally in Tucson. They have a cool app called MyQ, it allows you to speak, see, and hear delivery drivers when delivering your package safely in your garage. Cool huh!

You know @Timcast is right. We're in the Biden Era Administration. Get ready for the long haul. It's about to get dark.

This addresses my idea of refurbishing old box stores and using localized blockchain for UBI like programs to help mitigate low tax dividends from poor or rural communities to increase & motivate them to thrive with opportunity zones.

Back to regular life stuff. So the new @VenomMovie trailer came out. Did you know I owned the first issue when Carnage came out in the comics. Also the issue where he met madame... well check out the trailer!

Well done old boy, @elonmusk.

"Hey'a Luigu... a go f*cka yo-self!" - Unlixghost

Have time to think? It'll force you to think. It's like looking into a mirror. Well... this punk rock skater that loves hip hop and the constitution ain't telling you to do what you're told. Remember, People Have Alotta - Questions. Pha Q, is what I say. I won't do what you say. Except I ask, give some thought to what I'm sharing. Learn how to think, not what to think!

Tucson City employees are getting a bigger paycheck. That's a real investment in infrastructure. About 81% of our workforce is getting an update. Including @TucsonFireDept. Invest in the community & its members invest in you!

Forgot to mention this... looks like Florida Republican @GovRonDeSantis also hooked up the LEO's in his life. I'm a Leo, I like long walks and things cooked in Florida. Ladies... I take 10$ to put my shirt back on! Via @FoxNews

While the rest of the nation is defunding police, Tucson City Council & Tucson City Police Association raised the pay schedule for @Tucson_Police. They understand the need for balance & effectiveness of community service. That's hella cool!

Follow your heart they say. So that's what I do. I listen to what it tells me, and it's saying to stand with @Caitlyn_Jenner for Governor. She understands that California was America's, American Dream. I loved chilling with my dad in Los Angeles. 💜✝️

There was a good man, his name was Ron Abril. He was a truancy officer, what you now call a Safety Officer, like Major. Dingle. Growing up in Douglas on the border was tough. I'm grateful for the time he spent with me. Via @FoxNews

Republicans listened to the advice from Tore. Ted Cruz is turning away from PAC funds and the birth of Direct Government is here. He's sourcing financial support directly from the people. Cool strategy for the people. Always for the constitution. 🇺🇸

11 year old Tucsonan with a Developmental Disability needs some awesome tech to help her communicate with the world. Can't we unite and 3d print her the materials to help her out? Any hardware hackers out there? Remember the EyeWriter? Let's do it!

2021 Women's National Skateboarding Championship Finalists: With Tempe, AZ's Paige Heyn. Big ups to Arizona's own. Keep it going. You got a smooth flow!

I mean who better to know than @Caitlyn_Jenner about Trans-issues. I can't speak about it further than what I observe, however, so far, I'd vote for her. She seems balanced in her approach.

Here's my sports pick predictions:
@NBA - You out b*tch!
@NFL - Psh, you hot homie!
@MLB - I'm split between Red Sox & Diamondbacks. Also nerds square up. Numbers time.
@StreetLeague - It's skateboarding, c'mon. You know it's butter baby!

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