Like a proud father @NBCNews, I see my girls rise as a Phoenix.

@Hooters, I 💜 You.

It's for families, & the girls know what to wear.

In fact, they made one a manager, I know she kicked me out. True story.

That's how you know we're real.

Did you know that some of the best 80s movies were filmed in Tucson?


Films & stories inspire.

They did for me.

@HBO starts filming in Tucson!

Well here's a whopper of a story:

Dead drops & Spy Hard?

Uh no.

They're selling @USNavy secrets.


I said that correctly President Bush.

"Fool me once, you can't get fooled again." @CBSNews

15 Minutes. Quince (That's Español).

That's all anyone has in this Era, it feels like.

And before it is gone...

Let share some of my final & favorite moments with you, from @007.

Just a thought... Royalty means more than a crown.

Where is my mind?
Why does my shoulder hurt?
Why does Morgan Freemans black ass sound like the voice of God?

It's gooood!

Also, why does @DaveChappelle have such a wide neck?!

Where's Butterscotch Dave Chappell and The Darkness?!

I do love some @007. No. I'm a janitor, not a spy. But I do enjoy science & films. Like this little gem.

Now... that is a movie for romantics. I enjoy poetry, philosophy, and culture. I enjoy reading about the beauty in life.

If you ever get a chance-read "Leaves of Grass." Walt Whitman.

Red Triangles, Purple Triangles, and Yellow Stars.

Now that your eyes are opened.

Do you see?!

Can you see?

I'm letting you in.

It's time for you to grow up.

Ironically, today a shoe man makes a lot of money.


How much do you think Jordan OG's are worth.

Not only to the @NBA but for skaters too.

We R O C K E D those. ✨

Or..... @VICE:

Latino America finds method that works and legalized its use.

Imagine that! ✌

Jitter & Latency is right my friend, @elonmusk. We knew that back when AOL did Satellites with Hughes Corp.

Ask me about the math on that 7 ms latency.

I'd love to prove you wrong.

Don't you get it?

The whole idea was to get you to go green. Why?

To dig up lithium and sell it to you.

Just like coal, oil, and whale blubber. (Don't ask.)

So as a capitalist. Yes!

Let's do it responsibly, and with sustainability in mind, and do it together.

As a former billionaire, future trillionaire I can say one thing:

"I was rich bitches, looking at you @nbcsnl!"

Crypto to the moon!

Have you given any thought to the idea that the audit governs whether, or not, the election is certifiable.

Not whether, or not, the names on the ballot are culpable of anything else wrong.

Hello Tucson (World),

We've sought to do what was right.

Looking back; we've made mistakes.

We've struggled together.

We survived.

Now, let us work together with our battle-tested leaders...


Because I was there and saw firsthand what they did for us.

Oh even @SkyNewsBreak thinks that China's Silk Road is a good idea. I do too, in fact America has one.

From Canada, thru the US and into Mexico. Right thru Sonora.

Go figure, Amero anyone?!

Lol. We built this shit for you ingrates.

Where's the expertise now?

"Millions lost internet because a janky sysadmin or network engineer forgot to pay bill!"

There's your headline @YahooNews

I'm a centrist.

What's that mean?

I'm a lefty tree hugger that loves guns, cannabis, women, and watches @FoxNews.

I'm not perfect nor do I want to be.

I am a person and try to do as much good & kindness where I can.

I believe we'll figure it out together.

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