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Didn't the Left & RINOS say that President Trump made a phone call to the Ukrainian President?

And... they claimed that it was an impeachable offence.

So... what about that phone call to Afghanistan?

Well... @JoeBiden knew things were bad. How bad?

Enough to have the Taliban raise their Iwo Jima flag.

Those are facts that burn.

We have US born babies over there... and until that changes.

They are in fact, American.

As far as Afghanistan goes... technically we owed them. A little movie known as Rambo 3 called the muhajideen 'brave'.

Sometime ago... in a land far away... we were fighting Soviet intrusion into the west with a proxy war in .... and we pulled out then too.

"Love hath no greater man than he who lays his life down for a friend ... these things we do so that others may live." - PJ/CRO (The Pedros) @usairforce

There's a reason they call it super man school!

Does anyone remember the videos of Little Birds in American cities? Well, here's a scene from 'Black Hawk Down.'

America can & will go back in for our people, & our allies.

Afghanistan is basically Somalia & Mogadishu all over again.

This is a true test of "...seriously wtf?!" Look, it's good to exercise freedom of speech.

" unto others as you'd like done unto you."

Isn't banning @JoeBiden supporters the same thing they did to Trump's?

That's not justice.

Guy on @Timcast rediscovers "Deflection thru division & conquering."

Ever watch 'Full Metal Jacket'?

Yeah, it's basically porkloin eating a dounut and them beating him with a bar of soap.

That's what is happening.

Someone at work said to me, "... its almost like Bidens (Administration) is guilty of everything they accused Trump & the patriots of ..."

Weird huh, and funny thing.

He's into conspiracies like me, but turns out it's true.

Who knew @Timcast?!

Remember, I'm a capitalist, but hopefully with heart.

@Inc has a new article on @amazon paying directly for claims. Yes.

That could help offset the cost of mom & pop shops that pay for and help local communities succeed globally.

So now the world can decide whether or not it decides to die on their sword for their cause.

The war is over.

But at a severe cost.

What do you stand for?

I stand with the slogan:

"Trump Won!"

America First to me means:

"Putting it first, regardless of circumstances."

While we figure out the audit; we need to stay strong.

I do not kid when I say the world needs us to stand strong!

The World asked the question and @JoeBiden delivered. "I refused to continue a war...", is what he said.

That much I respect.

Makes me wonder:

"What is the cost of all life, if we're willing to sacrifice one."

Ever seen the movie 'Sum of All Fears'? Operation Pineapple Rescue, kind of reminds me of it.

"Keep back channels open." -

Anyone who extends their hand to peace.

Not since 'Quantum of Solace' have I waited for a more epic movie:

@007 "No Time To Die."
- October 8th.

They're right... what a time to be alive!

I wonder if @Timcast (whom I like) ... saw the ING-V-SOC tattoos on the man's left arm.

*Tin Cap*

I wonder if this had anything to do with Buffalo Patriot, Jan 6th, and the Simpsons.

The movie is getting better!

I agree with @washingtonpost in their opinion of who is to blame. We truly are. 'We The People' fucked up, and now we must fix it.

It is without question that it will be a measure of our resolve.

Steel spines & diamond hands, @FoxNews!

Watching @FoxBusiness & I think:

Our withdrawal from Afghanistan was a bold move that backfired. Pulling out unilaterally was unfair to our allies.

What does it say of us as Americans?

Well... that Operation 🍍 🚂 is pimp!

Just a thought... Drug-Bands.

You wear a monitoring bracelet, but in exchange, you get to do drugs and get taxed on them.

And they get therapy while in the program.

It's a mental health issue, not a reason to beat someone down.

Recovery takes a community.

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