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How is it everyone is complaining about colonialism, when that's what the CCP has been doing to the west? Huh? Riddle me that?!

Fucking lame.

Their infrastructure is failing within 10 years, ours?

150... Years.

American by design.

Said it before and I'll say it again. Want to really learn about your hood, learn what's going on around the world. Plus, China Uncensored is hilarious with those commercial breaks!

Back to the better half of life. Looks like China has banned all crypto transactions.

That leaves a void-it will require a new home for crypto:

My guess: Norway, Brazil, El Salvador, Chile, Mexico, The U.S., and the Middle East.

Wanna know why I like @dougducey. He did his job and he raised a thinker. We all make mistakes...

All a person needs is a chance, and redirection. That's the hope right?!

Wow... OK bodies?! Well white mustangs and all... never mind that, unless you know. Anyway. In an interesting turn of events:

Trump makes predictions about Wuhan Lab on @SkyNewsBreak.

I'm starting to think that the Climate Change issue is being pilfered by a scam to make money.

We have fucked up our environment; that's bad enough.

But to use it to make more money on top of that... that's lame.

Whoa... @FoxNews that fine ass heina with a yellow top on: "Hey baby!"

Seriously. There are leaders. I see them everyday, they help their fellow man. They're called Citizens & Patriots. Ok.

Call me... 5203...... I'll call you! 📞 🤠

Por México: "We strive not for this life, but for the one that follows..."

Cool article on a small girl in a place far away... and I was also raised by a Sánchez!

So I actually learned some real news from @Timcast. He's a fucking journalist, of course I watch him. Now, Biden and his toy soldiers need to sit their ass down.


We, America's patriots, are at watch now.

And we don't fuck around.

Everyone remembers 'Good Will Hunting', but for me it will always be Joe Pesci in 'With Honours' that changed my world.

My dad used to sleep in a van; here's to you dad.

8 beautiful pictures about our world around us. Inverse has the run down in these images that celebrate the recent successes of @SpaceX.

Here's to the future!

Story time:

Imagine a group of people. Private citizens, contractors, veterans, active members, military officials, intelligence and counter terrorism specialists...

All working for one truth;

That in all defiance-we were there to protect her, and our constitution.

This is where the rubber meets the tire. Wondering? Well @VICE it's your lucky day. When I was in 3rd grade I walked with Ceasar Chavez as a little boy at Grijalva Elementary in Tucson.

He's not the only one fighting these days.

Bro. Seriously. They were warned by China? @SkyNewsAust

Maybe something to do with 'back channels'?

Like Jay Z said, "... I know a lil bit about you illegally searching my shit!"

I can't wait for the moment when people can sue their employers for harmful conduct & conditions. Also, the liability that their mandates created.

@JoeBiden is not suitable for the presidency.

Turn it to 11... Punk Rock!

Information flows in many directions, just not in the wrong one." That's just my take. @Timcast might have a different one.

Here's his take on how the Great Awakening is happening.

I'll tell information now flows in the Quantum!

Looks like the world is stirring. Guinea isn't alone. I can understand their desire to make a better world for their citizens.

Hell, that's the American Dream.

"Tell me lies... tell me sweet little lies." Great song. That's for the Biden Administration, I know. We smell our own.

What I see?

Citizen Warriors like @RepMullin fighting for us.

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